Sunday, October 30, 2005

No place for violence!

The serial bomb blasts have hit too close to home for me. A market that I regularly frequented saw a blast that killed more than 30 innocent people. I have always failed to understand what purpose the killing of innocents ever achieves. Such violence, in the name of any cause, must be condemned as forcefully as possible. There is simply no room for such violence in the civilized world.

We have to wait for the facts to come out before we can cast definitive blame. Preliminary reports suggest Kashmiri separatists. Young India has always supported a peaceful dialogue on Kashmir that places the Kashmiri people front and center. We have criticized military excesses and categorically denounced cross-border terrorism that in the name of freedom targeted civilians. We pledge to continue to fight for the displaced Kashmiri Hindus as we will continue to persist in our efforts to bring peace to the residents of the Valley who have lived in the shadow of violence for the last 16 years. But under NO circumstance will we tolerate murder. None.

Fundamentalism is the greatest threat to humanity. It must be vigorously challenged. And Young India will continue to do so.